Driven On By Angry Tempest

Driven on by angry tempest,
Toss’d by waves that mount the sea,
Listen to my earnest pleading,
Quick, O savior, rescue me.

List, O Savior, to my pleading,
Rising up thro’ storm to thee;
Quick, come quickly thro’ the darkness,
Quick, O Savior, rescue me.

Close the heavens, shut in darkness,
Not a star in all the sky;
Oh, relentless winds and waters!
To my rescue, Savior, fly. [Refrain]

Still the waves go sweeping onward,
Still they leap to cover me,
Still the winds ride on in fury;
Quick, O Lord, my Savior, be. [Refrain]

Can it be that one thus driven
To despair and agony,
Shall look up in vain to heaven,
Vainly lift his pleading cry? [Refrain]