Drooping Soul Shake Off Thy Fears

Drooping soul, shake off thy fears,
Fearful soul, be strong, be bold;
Tarry till the Lord appears,
Never, never quit thy hold;
Murmur not at his delay,
Dare not set thy God a time,
Calmly for his coming stay,
Leave it, leave it all to him.

Fainting soul, be bold, be strong;
Wait the leisure of thy Lord;
Thought it seem to tarry long,
True and faithful is his word:
On his word my soul I cast,
(He cannot himself deny)
Surely it shall speak at last;
It shall speak, and shall not lye.

Ev’ry one that seeks shall find:
Ev’ry one that asks shall have:
Christ, the Saviour of mankind,
Willing, able all to save,
I shall his salvation see,
I in faith on Jesus call,
I from sin shall be set free,
Perfectly set free from all.

Lord, my time is in thine hand,
Weak and helpless as I am,
Surely thou canst make me stand;
I believe in Jesu’s name:
Saviour in temptation thou,
Thou hast sav’d me heretofore,
Thou from sin dost save me now;
Thou shalt save me evermore.