Drooping Souls No Longer Mourn

Drooping souls no longer mourn,
Jesus still is precious;
If to Him you now return,
Heaven will be propitious;
Jesus now is passing by,
Calling wanderers near Him;
Drooping souls, you need not die,
Go to Him and hear Him!

He has pardons full and free,
Drooping souls to gladden;
Still He cries-“Come unto me,
Weary, heavy-laden!”
Though your sins, like mountains high,
Rise, and reach to heaven,
Soon as you on Him rely,
All shall be forgiven.

Precious is the Saviour’s name,
Dear to all that love Him;
He to save the dying came;-
Go to Him and prove Him;
Wandering sinners, now return;
Contrite souls believe Him!
Jesus calls you, cease to mourn;
Worship Him; receive Him.