Dwelling Now In Canaan Land

Dwelling now in Canaan land
With the pure and holy band,
Oh, how precious and how glorious is my rest;
Jesus smiles upon me here,
I am free from doubt and fear,
I am dwelling on Mount Zion’s shining crest.

Glory, glory, glory, I am glad to tell,
Sanctified and happy, with my soul ’tis well;
Now the Holy Spirit doth my bosom thrill,
Sweetly I repose within my Father’s will.

Now from bondage I am free,
Egypt’s hosts are in the sea,
And the wilderness cannot my spirit hold;
For I’ve tasted honey sweet,
Joy so full and rest complete,
And the glories of this land are yet untold. [Refrain]

Waters pure as crystal clear,
Springing all around me here,
Fill me to o’erflowing like a cooling well;
All its glories rich are mine,
As its beauties round me shine,
How with happiness and joy my heart doth swell. [Refrain]

Of the seed of Abraham,
Heir of God through Christ I am,
And this blessed Canaan is His will to me;
‘Cross the Jordan’s swelling stream,
Where celestial sunrays gleam,
Richest blessings are awaiting here for thee. [Refrain]

Truth in Song, (Timeless Truths)