Dwelling O God In Me

Dwelling, O God, in me,
Dwelling in me;
Gladly my heart would plead,
To welcome Thee;
Tho’ wondrous thought it be,

Dwelling, O God, in me,
Dwelling in me,
Dwelling in me.

By faith I wait on Thee,
Spirit divine!
Come, shed abroad Thy love,
My will incline;
‘Tis life and peace to be, [Refrain]

My heart Thy temple make
Secure for Thee;
Live there both rich and full,
Thyself for me;
Thus pure my thoughts shall be, [Refrain]

Thy grace sufficient is
For every strife;
Help me, by faith and love,
To show my life
A vict’ry won by Thee, [Refrain]

Then, till my latest breath,
Thyself impress;
That brightly may my face
And life express
The sweetest joy of Thee, [Refrain]