Each Country Has Its Banner

Each country has its banner,
Each nation has its song,
And loving hearts and loyal
Ring out a chorus strong;
But there’s a nobler anthem
The whole wide world may sing-
All glory to our Saviour,
Hosanna to our King!

Hosanna to our King,
Loud let the echo ring!
All hail the pow’r of Jesus’ name,
The whole wide world shall sing!

Oh, men have died in battle
To save our stripes and stars,
And men have died for freedom
Beyond the ocean bars;
The blessed gospel banner
O’er land and sea we fling,
That carols of salvation
The whole wide world shall sing. [Refrain]

The songs of earth are many,
But heaven has but one;
Its swelling hallelujahs
We’ve joyfully begun;
We’ll sing the gospel story
Till glory-bells shall ring,
Unto the Lamb forever
The whole wide world shall sing. [Refrain]