Early With Blush Of Dawn

Early with blush of dawn,
Speeding away,
Shrouded in mourning robes,
Say, who are they?

See, in their hands they bear
Spices most sweet,
Whom are they hastening
Early to greet?

Whose is that garden-fold
Eager they seek,
Why that stone rolled away
Baffling the weak?

Why are they pausing now,
Close by the Cave?
Whom are they seeking for
In the dark grave?

These are the Maries three,
Jesus they seek,
Who to the Cross was nailed,
Gentle and meek.

This is the garden-fold
Wherein they laid,
Loving, His lifeless form,
Bold, yet afraid.

Trembling, they now behold
Where He had lain,
Clothed in shining robes,
Bright angels twain.

Hark! they are speaking now–
“Fear not,” they say;
“Whom you are seeking here
Is risen to-day!”

Long ere the morning dawn,
O’er the seal’d stone;
O’er where the keepers watch’d,
Swift, He hath gone.

Lo! as with haste they came,
Bringing their tale,
Greeting, His voice was heard–
“Children, all hail!”

When fell the eventide
Through the closed door
To His disciples came
Jesus once more.

See, at His feet they kneel,
Blessings to win,
“Peace,” He is whispering,
“Pardon from sin.”

“Peace,” once again He breathes,
“Bear it abroad,
Peace to the contrite soul
Thirsting for God!”

Thomas the eighth day come,
Chiding, He bade
Touch the deep scars and wounds
The nails had made.

In the fair morning hour,
Nigh to the sea
Asked He of Jonas’ son–
“Lovest thou Me?”

“Feed this dear flock of Mine,
Bought with My Blood,
Preach ye, baptize, and win
Souls to their God.

To your and My Father-God
Now I ascend
Yet in My Church abide
On to the end!”

Then on Ascension Day,
By His own might,
Jesus to heaven went
Up in their sight.

Master, we cry to Thee,
Leave not alone;
Keep ever close to Thee,
Jesu! Thine own.

Send us Thy Holy Ghost,
Comfort and Guide
Joyful and true to make
This Easter-tide.

Make us to share with Thee,
Thy risen life,
So to be conquerors
All through the strife.

Gather our hearts to Thee,
Burning with love,
Till Thy blest Face we see
Cloudless above!