Earth Below Is Teeming

Earth below is teeming,
Heav’n is bright above;
Ev’ry brow is beaming
In the light of love;
Ev’ry eye rejoices,
Ev’ry thought is praise:
Happy hearts and voices
Gladden nights and days.

O Almighty Giver!
Bountiful and free,
As the joy in harvest
Joy we before thee.

For the sun and showers,
For the rain and dew,
For the happy hours
Spring and Summer knew;
For the golden Autumn
And its precious stores,
For the love that brought them
Teeming to our doors. [Refrain]

Earth’s broad harvest whitens
In a brighter sun
Than the orb that lightens
All we tread upon;
Send our lab’rers, Father!
Where fields rip’ning wave,
And the nations gather,
Gather in and save. [Refrain]