Earth Is Eternally The Lords

Earth is eternally the Lord’s,
its fullness his alone;
the world and all that dwell therein
he made to be his own.
For on the wide expanse of seas
he founded it secure;
he on the floods established it,
and made it to endure.

Who may ascend the mount where stands
God’s holy dwelling place,
or in his sanctuary may
appear before his face?
The clean of hands, the pure of heart,
who ne’er their souls have lent
to wrongful act, nor sworn an oath
that masked a false intent.

Such are they all who from the Lord
a blessing rich shall win;
God with his mercies crowns their life
and shields their souls within.
Such must their generation be
who to the heights aspire,
who seek the face of Israel’s God,
and after him inquire.