Earthly Friends With Bliss Surround Me

Earthly friends with bliss surround me,
Love’s own air I gently breathe;
Beauties new, above, around me,
Their beguiling witch’ries weave.
But their temptings, Sweet, soft, temptings
On me vainly, coldly fall;
For my Saviour, My own Saviour
Is more fair, more dear than all.

They can bitterly deceive me;
They can promise and not give;
In my darkest hours they leave me,
Hopelessly alone to grieve.
In my sorrow, Pain and sorrow,
They have naught that can avail;
But my Saviour, My strong Saviour
Will not leave me, cannot fail.

He is all my joy, my pleasure,
All my hope, my stay, my trust;
Here my soul’s abiding treasure,
Firm and faithful, true and just.
In the future, Dim dark future,
He is all the light I see;
Oh! my Saviour, My own Saviour,
Heav’n is nothing without Thee.

In that world of rest and glory,
There are joys so pure and free;
With the pure and good that love Thee,
There is endless bliss for me.
There is safety, Rest and safety,
From all sin, all sorrow free;
Oh! my Saviour, My own Saviour,
May I ever live with Thee.