Earthly Sweets Will Sometime Cloy

Earthly sweets will sometime cloy,
Passing pleasures lose their joy,
But in Jesus there is always something new;
Some bright token of his love,
Bearing blessing from above,
Like the freshness of the morning dew.

Wonderful joy, wonderful joy,
Wonderful joy he gives,
Joy that forever lives!
Wonderful joy, wonderful joy,
Riches, abiding, true,
Always in Jesus now,
Wonderful joy, wonderful joy.

There is always something new.
When his bidding we pursue,
In his service there are never-failing charms;
For the more we do his will
We will know him better still,
Rest more sweetly in the Saviour’s arms. [Refrain]

There is always something new.
Angels look, and worship too,
While the treasures of redeeming grace unfold;
Heaven’s day is none too long
For the everlasting song.
When the King of glory we behold. [Refrain]