Father Be Thy Blessing Shed

Father, be Thy blessing shed
On Thy chosen servant’s head;
Saviour, needed grace impart
To sustain and keep his heart;
Holy Spirit, with Thy fire
Touch his lips, his soul inspire,
That Thy truth thro’ him be told
Fearlessly to young and old.

Seal this day the vows that hold
Flock and shepherd in one fold.
May he Jesus’ mandate keep,
“Feed My lambs,” and “Feed My sheep!”
By Thee to Thy people sent
With Thy Word and Sacrament,
May he so proclaim the Word
That who hear him hear Thee, Lord.

In Thy vineyard called to toll,
Wisely may he search the soil;
Sinners may he love and win,
While he hates and brands the sin.
Give him boldness for the right,
Give him meekness in the fight,
Teach him zeal and care to blend,
Give him patience to the end.

Grant him in his charge to find
Listening ear and fervent mind,
Helpful counsels, deepening peace,
Earnest life, and glad increase;
May they, by each other led,
Grow to one in Christ, their Head,
And at last together be
Ripe for heaven and meet for Thee.