Father Forgive The Savior Cried They Kn

Father forgive! the Savior cried,
They know not what they do;
Tho’ they my love and grace denied,
Tho’ they Thy Son have crucified,
They know not what they do,

List to His tender pleading,
List to His voice so true,
List to His cry for mercy,
Dear soul He prays for you.

Father forgive! the Savior cries,
As still the world’s great throng,
The people of His love despise,
The glory of His name denies,
They know not what they do,
They know not what they do. [Refrain]

Father forgive! as oft again
Unwilling souls refuse,
They would not give the Savior pain,
They would not love like His disdain,
And yet they will not choose,
And yet they will not choose. [Refrain]

Father forgive! some day, alas,
No more that prayer shall rise;
The day of grace will surely pass,
As sinks the sand in hour glass,
Beneath the lowering skies,
Beneath the lowering skies. [Refrain]

Father forgive! too late they cry,
No more their payers are heard;
Love’s open door is long passed by,
The soul that sinneth it shall die,
Is God’s condemning word,
Is God’s condemning word. [Refrain]