Father God Of Grace You Knew Us

Father, God of grace, you knew us, Chose us, named us as your own,
Through eternal ages planning To redeem us in your Son.
Praise the Father, God who loved us Ere creation was begun!

We, your creatures, sinned against you, And our guilt was crimson red.
Son of God, you came incarnate, Crushed the crafty serpent’s head,
Died our death, now live triumphant: Praise the firstborn from the dead!

Counselor, you bring as promised From the Father and the Son
Righteousness fulfilled, accomplished, Free forgiveness, heaven won.
Praise the Spirit! He assures us Our salvation’s work is done!

Lord, your changeless Word has fed us, Spanning time, transcending space. Water, bread, and wine sustained us When the darkness hid your face.
Keep us with you, faithful Shepherd, By your saving means of grace!

Forward lead us; Christ, we follow, Drawn by Word and promise true:
“To all nations preach the gospel; I am evermore with you.”
Keep us faithful! Then, Lord Jesus, Quickly come! Make all things new!

Praise the Father, great Creator. Praise the Son, who took our place.
Praise the Spirit, Sanctifier, God of free and faithful grace!
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Amen.