Father God Who Seest In Me

Father, God, who seest in me
Only sin and misery,
Turn to thy Anointed One,
Look on thy Anointed Son
Him, and then the sinner, see:
Look through Jesus’ wounds on me.

Heavenly Father, Lord of all,
Hear and show thou hear’st my call!
Bow thine ear, in mercy bow,
Smile on me a sinner now!
Now the stone to flesh convert,
Cast a look, and melt my heart.

Lord, I cannot let thee go,
Till a blessing thou bestow;
Hear my Advocate divine,
Lo! to his, my suit I join;
Join’d with his, it cannot fail:
Let me now with thee prevail!

Jesus, answer from above,
Is not all thy nature love!
Pity from thine eye let fall;
Bless me whilst on thee I call:
Am I thine, thou Son of God?
Take the purchase of thy blood.