Father I Am Weak And Sinful

Father, I am weak and sinful;
Ever prone to go astray;
Like a wayward child of error,
I so often lose my way.

In thy love, oh God, have mercy;
In thy grace, redeem my soul,
Bring me back, oh gentle Shepherd,
Keep me safe within thy fold.

In the billows of temptation,
When its waves are running high,
Bear me o’er life’s sea of trouble,
Leave me not to sink and die. [Refrain]

Father, when the shades are falling,
And the night of death is near;
Guide me thro’ the gloomy valley,
With thy light my journey cheer. [Refrain]

Open then, the pearly portals,
That unworthy though I be,
I may join the ransomed legions,
There to dwell eternally. [Refrain]