Father I Came To Thee

Father, I came to Thee, sick and defiled,
I was a wanderer and not Thy child;
I could not speak to Thee, I could not pray,
Till I found Jesus who taught me to say-

In the name of Jesus,
In His precious name,
Lord, I come, supply my needs,
in the name of Jesus.

When far away from Thee, sin-sick and sore,
I longed for peace and rest as ne’er before;
And when I asked of Thee through Thy dear son,
My prayer was answered and victory won- [Chorus]

When Jesus taught me thus to ask of Thee
He gave me wondrous power Thy child to be;
He gave authority to use His name
And so I came to Thee as Jesus came. [Chorus]

I’ve come so many times till Thou dost hear;
I never was refused and have no fear;
My needs Thou dost supply, praise to Thy name,
Resting in perfect love, I come again. [Chorus]