Father In Heaven Within These Walls

Father in heaven! within these walls,
Which we have builded to thy name,
As now we lift our song of praise,
Set thou our hearts and tongues aflame!

Open our ears to hear thy voice,
And let our eyes thy glory see,
That we may worship thee in truth,
And in thy Spirit’s liberty.

No vain oblation would be bring,
No hollow rite or empty form,
But minds obedient to thy will,
And hearts by love to thee made warm.

Here may the gospel of thy Son,
His quickening word of truth and grace,
Be preached with power by lips sincere,
While his pure spirit fills the place.

And while, O God! these walls shall stand,
May peace and joy prevail within,
Discord and strife be banished hence,
And love a ceaseless victory win.