Father Of All From Whom We Trace

Father of all, from whom we trace
Our universal kind,
Teach us to all of human race
To show a brother’s mind.

Saviour of men, ’twas Thine the pain
Of death for all to bear;
In concord all Thy followers train,
Meet for the name they share.

Spirit of grace, God’s chosen fold
Who lavest with heavenly dew,
O grant that all, the Truth who hold,
May peace with all pursue.

O may mankind in love agree,
Sons or one parent stock;
But chief may Christian verity
Connect the Christian flock!

May Truth to all who hear its sound
A bond of union prove;
And fellowship of faith be crowned
With fellowship of love!

Paternal Godhead, praise to Thee,
Thy Spirit, and Thy Son!
And keep Thy Church in unity,
As Thou with them art one!