Father Of All Omniscient Mind

Father of all, omniscient Mind,
Thy wisdom who can comprehend?
Its highest point what eye can find,
Or to its lowest depths descend?

If up to heaven’s ethereal height,
Thy prospect to elude, I rise,
In splendor there, supremely bright,
Thy presence shall my sight surprise.

Thee, mighty God, my wondering soul,
Thee, all her conscious powers adore,
Whose being circumscribes the whole,
Whose eyes the universe explore.

Thine essence fills this breathing frame;
It glows in every vital part,
Lights up our souls with livelier flame,
And feeds with life each beating heart.

To thee, from whom our being came,
Whose smile is all the heaven we know,
Inspired with this exalted theme,
To thee our grateful strains shall flow.