Father Of Glory God Of Grace

Father of glory, God of grace!
An house of prayer to Thee we build;
Oft may the consecrated place,
Be with Thy grace and glory fill’d.

Lord of the living and the dead,
When here the dead and living meet,
The fullness of Thy blessing shed,
On all who seek Thy mercy-seat.

While those who sleep in Jesus, rest
In kindred dust and ashes near,
This thought–their souls in heaven are blest!
The hearts of mourning friends shall cheer.

They lived by faith, in hope they died,
The Cross behind their Saviour bore,
And in His footsteps trod, to guide
Their followers where He trod before.

We live,–Oh! let the living praise
The goodness that prolongs our breath;
We die,–die daily; all our days
Be preparation-days for death.

Come, then, that end of mortal strife,
We on Christ’s faithful word rely,–
“The Resurrection and the Life!”
Who trust in Him shall never die.

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