Father Of Light And Life And Love

Father of light, and life, and love,
Thyself to us reveal,
As saints below and saints above
Thy sacred presence feel.

Not with the eye of mortal sense,
By angels round the throne,
Or happy souls departed hence,
Art Thou in glory known.

No sun by day, no moon by night,
For this our spirits need,
Who walk by faith, and not by sight,
They feel Thee nigh indeed.

Light in Thy light the blind may see,
No more by sin estranged;
Light in the Lord, so let us be,
Into Thine image changed.

Since Thou Thyself dost still display
Unto the pure in heart;
O make us, children of the day,
To know Thee as Thou art.

For Thou art light, and life, and love;
And Thy redeem’d below
May see Thee, as Thy saints above,
And know Thee as they know

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