Father Of Lights We Sing Thy Name

Father of lights! we sing thy name,
Who kindlest up the lamp of day:
Wide as he spreads his golden flame,
His beams thy pow’r and love display.

Fountain of good! from thee proceed
The copious drops of genial rain,
Which, o’er the hill and through the mead,
Revive the grass and swell the grain.

Through the wide world thy bounties spread,
Yet millions of our guilty race,
Though by thy daily bounty fed,
Affront thy law, and spurn thy grace.

Not so may our forgetful hearts
O’er look the tokens of thy care;
But, what thy lib’ral hand imparts,
Still own in praise, still ask in pray’r.

So shall our suns more grateful shine,
And showers in sweeter drops shall fall,
When all our hearts and lives are thine,
And thou, O God, enjoy’d in all.