Father Of Love Our Guide And Friend

Father of Love, our Guide and Friend,
O lead us gently on,
Until life’s trial-time shall end,
And heavenly peace be won.

We know not what the path may be
As yet by us untrod;
But we can trust our all to Thee,
Our Father and Our God.

If called, like Abraham’s child, to climb
The hill of sacrifice,
Some angel may be there in time;
Deliverance shall arise;

Or if some darker lot be good,
O teach us to endure
The sorrow, pain, or solitude,
That makes the spirit pure.

Christ by no flowery pathway came;
And we, His followers here,
Must do Thy will and praise Thy name,
In hope, and love, and fear.

And, till in heaven we sinless bow,
And faultless anthems raise,
O Father, Son, and Spirit now
Accept our feeble praise.


The Hymnal: Published by the authority of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.,