Father Of Mercies God Of Love My Father

FATHER, of mercies! God of love!
My Father and my God!
I’ll sing the honors of thy name,
And spread thy praise abroad.

In every period of my life
Thy thoughts of love appear;
Thy mercies gild each transient scene,
And crown each passing year.

In all thy mercies, may my soul
A Father’s bounty see;
Nor let the gifts thy grace bestows
Estrange my heart from thee.

Teach me, in times of deep distress,
To own thy hand, O God!
And in submissive silence learn
The lessons of thy rod.

Through every period of my life,
Each bright, each clouded scene,
Give me a meek and humble mind,
Still equal and serene.

Then may I close my eyes in death,
Redeemed from anxious fear;
For death itself, my God, is life,
If thou art with me there.