Father Of Mercies In Thy House

Father of mercies, in thy house
Smile on our homage and our vows;
While with a grateful heart we share
These pledges of our Savior’s care.

The Savior, when to heaven he rose
In splendid triumph o’er his foes,
Scatter’d his gifts on men below,
And wide his royal bounties flow.

Hence sprung th’Apostles’ honor’d name:
Sacred beyond heroic fame;
In lowlier form to bless our eyes,
Pastors from hence, and teachers rise.

From Christ their varied gifts derive,
And fed by Christ their graces live;
While guarded by his potent hand,
‘Midst all the rage of hell they stand.

So shall the bright succession run
Through the last courses of the sun;
While unborn churches by their care
Shall rise and flourish large and fair.

Jesus our Lord their hearts shall know,
The spring whence all these blessing flow;
Pastors and people shout his praise
Through the long round of endless days.