Father Reveal Thy Son In Me

Father! reveal Thy Son in me,
To my soul’s eye, unclouded;
The fulness of the Deity,
In mortal semblance shrouded,
When, for a Name o’er every Name,
He bore the Cross, despised the shame,
And rose–the World’s Redeemer.

Him then as mine may I confess,
With all my powers adore Him,
And, as the Lord my Righteousness,
Most humbly walk before Him,
Hail Him, mine Advocate, on high,
Extol His Priesthood, and rely
Upon His sole atonement.

All things for Him may I forsake;
In poverty and weakness,
His gentle burthen on me take,
And wear His yoke with meekness;
So shall I find in labour rest,
In suffering, peace,–of Christ possess’d
In me the hope of glory.

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