Father Son And Holy Ghost Bless The Youn

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Bless the young before Thee;
Thou their wants and dangers know’st
Watch then, we implore Thee.
Here they stand,
Hopeful band,
Faith in Thee confessing,
Waiting for Thy blessing.

Gentle Savior, they are Thine,
Thou wilt never lost them;
May Thy life and love divine
Melt their tender bosom.
Lord, we pray
That they may
All like thee, be holy,
Loving, meek, and lowly.

Giver Thou of gifts to all,
No good thing deny them;
Hear, O hear our earnest call,
Life and light supply them.
Strength renew,
Keep them true;
All that stand before Thee,
Bless them, we implore Thee.