Father Son And Holy Spirit Im Baptized

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
I’m baptized in Thy dear name;
In the seed Thou dost inherit,
With the people Thou dost claim,
I am reckoned;
I am reckoned;
And for me the Savior came.

Thou receivest me, O Father,
As a child and heir of Thine;
Jesus, Thou who diedst, yea, rather
Ever livest, Thou art mine.
Thou, O Spirit,
Thou, O Spirit,
Art my Guide, my Light divine.

I have pledged, and would not falter,
Truth, obedience, love to Thee;
I have vowed upon Thine altar,
Ever Thine alone to be,
And forever,
And forever,
Sin and all its lusts to flee.

Gracious God, all Thou hast spoken
In this cov’nant shall take place;
But if I, alas! have broken
These my vows, hide not Thy face;
And from falling,
And from falling,
O restore me by Thy grace!

Lord, to Thee I now surrender
All I have, and all I am:
Make my heart more true and tender,
Glorify in me Thy name;
Let obedience:
Let obedience:
To Thy will be all my aim.

Help me in this high endeavor,
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!
Bind my heart to Thee forever,
Till I join the heavenly host:
Living, dying,
Living, dying,
Let me make in Thee my boast.