Father Supreme All Natures God

Father Supreme! all nature’s God,
Display thy majesty abroad,
And in full glory shine:
To thy great name be honors paid,
Throughout all worlds which thou hast made;
Let each the chorus join.

Here place thy throne, and at thy feet
Make all thy stubborn foes submit,
And own thy sovereign sway;
Thine influence far and wide extend,
Till haughty rebels lowly bend,
And cheerfully obey.

Oh let thy perfect will be done,
Not by those heavenly hosts alone
Who’re winged with love and zeal;
We too with love and zeal would rise,
To catch the ardor of the skies,
And fly to do thy will.

O Thou who art both wise and good,
We trust thee for our daily food,
And what thou seest is best;
Our foolish wishes, Lord, deny,
But kindly nature’s wants supply;
To thee we leave the rest.

Teach us the needy to relieve;
Our foes to pity and forgive,
And conquer them with love:
As we to others mercy show,
Thy mercy, Lord, on us bestow,
And all our guilt remove.

Let thy good spirit guard our hearts,
Against the tempter’s guileful arts,
And every dangerous snare;
Or if we once should go astray,
Teach us again to find the way,
And walk with better care.

Thy name with reverence we adore,
For thine’s the glory, thine the power,
And thine the right to reign;
In thy dominion we rejoice’
To thy commands our heart and voice
Unite, and say–Amen.

The Hartford Selection of Hymns from the most approved authors,