Father Supreme By Whom We Live

Father, supreme, by whom we live,
Thou who art God alone,
Our songs of grateful praise receive,
And make our hearts Thy throne.

Creation vast reveals Thy name,
The earth, the heavens above,
With one unceasing voice proclaim
Thy wisdom, power, and love.

We bless Thee for Thy works, all bright
With tokens of Thy skill;
But more for reason’s sacred light
By which we read Thy will.

For not on brightest orbs, which roll
Through space at Thy decree,
Hast Thou bestowed the thinking soul,
To know and worship Thee.

May every science, every truth,
Our eager minds explore;
Lead us, alike in age and youth,
Thy wisdom to adore.

May those who teach, and those who learn,
Walk in the narrow road;
In every sphere of thought discern
An ever-present God.