Father Take My Hand And Lead Me

Father, take my hand and lead me,
For I have no friend to guide;
Darkness gathers and I stumble,
Let me walk close by Thy side;
Drear and heavy falls the shadows,
And the stars refuge to shine,
Lead me gently, O my Father,
Clasp my trembling hand in Thine.

O lead me, Father,
For I trust in Thee alone;
Thy way is best, Lord,
For I dare not trust my own,
In sun or shadow,
Under stormy sky or fair,
Never fearing, never doubting,
I’ll go with Thee anywhere.

Just beyond the foe in ambush,
Watcheth for my helpless soul,
And about me sound the echoes
Of the billows as they roll;
Fast the storm is gath’ring o’er me,
And there is no shelter nigh,
Be my shelter, gracious Father,
Succor me or else I die. [Refrain]

Take my hand and lead me, Father,
I would closely cling to Thee,
Thou, O God, art all my refuge,
Be Thou gracious unto me,
Safely onward I would journey,
Knowing Thou my soul will keep,
Shield me ever from all danger,
Guide me o’er the mountains steep. [Refrain]