Father Thine Eternal Kindness

Part the First:

Father, thine eternal Kindness
Shelters me from final Blindness.
I in Christ behold thy Face.
And before the World’s Foundation,
thou didst chuse me to Salvation;
Blest for ever be thy Grace.

II. Whilst I did, with wildest Fury,
Wound thy Truth and mock they Glory
Oh! who can thy Patience tell?
Who describe that vast Compassion,
Which weigh’d down thy Indignation,
And deliver’d me from hell?

III. Once I thought, Outside Profession
Put me firmly in Possession
Of Religion pure and true;
While, alas! all my Devotion
Was but empty airy Notion,
Mere Hypocrisie and Shew.

IV. Moral Duties and Dead letters
Are what vain sufficient Creatures
Build their Hopes of Heav’n upon.
Works, Outside and Ceremony
Make the Merit of a Many;
Losing these, their Hope is gone.

V. This was long my own lov’d Merit
Till, O Lord, thy Holy Spirit
All its Falsehood let me see:
Shew’d me all my Soul’s Diseases:
That all Merit is in Jesus;
Not a single Grain in me.

VI. Oh, may I be daily dying
To a wretched World, and flying
All that’s sinful, false and vain:
Making Christ my highest Treasure,
Firmest Trust and sweetest Pleasure,
All my Glory, all my Gain.

VII. Mortifie the Old Man in me.
To my Saviour’s Likeness bring me.
Let me like a Phoenix rise
From its Predecessor’s Ashes;
And with Beauty that surpasses
Mount at Length above the Skies.

Part the Second:

VIII. Some make Shadows all their Treasure,
Halt between base Fear and Pleasure,
Or run headlong down to hell;
Let my Faith take Wings and hasten
To that Cross, where Christ did fasten
All my Sins, for there I’ll dwell.

IX. While on Works (true Faith declining)
Or on Talents gayly shining,
Some their own proud Trophies raise;
Be that glorious Gift of Heaven,
Faith that’s to Salvation given,
All my Hope, and all my Praise.

X. If for Egypt’s wretched diet,
Or for Sodom’s hellish Riot,
Satan shall enflame my heart;
O! My God, do Thou restrain me:
O! bestow in Plenty on me
Grace to quench his fiery Dart.

XI. When Temptation near’ has won me,
Pressing hard, and turning on me
All her Pow’rs and Arts and Charms;
In that Hour, My God, support me:
In that Hour, let Nothing hurt me:
Save, oh, save me in thy Arms.

XII. When in Seas of Trouble tossing,
Friends deserting, Terrors crossing,
All my Strength and Skill are vain;
From the threat’ning Dangers hide me:
Be my Pilot too, and guide me
Safe to Shore and Peace again.

Part the Third:

XIII. He that will not be deserted
Must in Jesus be inserted,
And become a fruitful Tree,
Hate all worldly Care and Pleasure,
Strive for Christ’s most holy Treasure,
And avoid Hypocrisy.

XIV. Who in Christ seeks his Salvation,
Builds upon the best Foundation,
And of gaining Heav’n is sure
And this Trust in his Salvation
Ev’ry Evil and Temptation
Makes him firmly to endure.

XV. God of Mercy, bless thy Creature.
Form me to they Holy Nature.
Child-like Innocence be min.
Grant me Joy in thy Salvation:
Grant me this sweet Confirmation,
That I’m destin’d to be thine.

XVI. Resignation to all Trial,
Faith and Hope and Self-denial,
Be the Rulers of my Days.
Take me out of mere Profession
To a full and firm Possession
Of the Truth which Christ displays.

XVII. Mocks and Scorns at my Condition,
Babel’s Cursing and Derision,
Will be Nothing in my Ear,
If my Saviour does not fly me.
If my Saviour stands but be me,
Where’s the Rage I cannot bear?

XVIII. O Lord, heal my corrupt Nature.
Make, O make me a new Creature.
And confirm me with the Seal
Of thy Holy Gracious Spirit.
And abolish my Self-Merit,
And whate’er withstands thy Will.

XIX. Make me fond of still Recesses;
Where thy Love and thy Caresses
May enflame and fix my Heart,
To love, pleasure and adore Thee,
To walk faithfully before Thee,
And no more from Thee depart.

XX. Add my Friends and my Relations,
To thy Holy Happy Nations,
To the Empire of thy Grace.
Guide ’em by thy blessed Spirit:
Let ’em all at Length inherit
Everlasting Joy and Peace.

XXI. Bring both Jews and Gentiles to Thee:
Bring thy straying Sheep to know Thee:
From their Blindness set them free.
Call, Thou loving faithful Shepherd,
Call ’em from the barren Desart,
To confess and follow Thee.

XXII. Then shall all thy flock, united,
With their Lamps full trimm’d and lighted,
Keep the Marriage of the Lamb;
Their Redeemer ever praising,
Endless Hallelujahs raising
And Hosannas to his Name.