Father Thou Art Calling Calling To Us

Father, Thou art calling, calling to us plainly;
To the spirit comes Thy loving message evermore;
Holy One, uplift us, nor forever vainly
Stand calling us and waiting at the door.

In the whirling tempest and the storm Thou livest,
In the rain, and in the sweetness of the afterglow;
Summer’s golden bounty, winter’s snow, Thou givest,
And blooming meadows where sweet waters flow.

Clearer still and dearer is Thy voice appealing,
Deep within the spirit’s secret being speaking low:
Enter, O our Father! truth and life revealing;
From every evil free us as we go.

In Thee living, moving, unto Thee uprearing
All the hope and joyfulness and trust that fill the soul,
Father, we adore Thee, asking naught nor fearing;
We cannot wander from Thy dear control.