Flow Flow On Lifes Broad Stream

Flow, flow on life’s broad stream,
On where heav’n’s golden glories gleam;
Flow, flow, my soul, flow on,
God’s great love is hov’ring o’er thee.

Rest thee safe in His love,
On life’s turbulent river;
Flow, flow to love’s fathomless sea;
Haste to thy God, the Giver,
Flow on, flow on.

Flow, flow, my soul, flow on,
Day must break when the night is gone;
Flow, flow, thy bark shall be,
Night or day where God shall guide thee. [Refrain]

Flow, flow, the night is past,
Thy frail bark reaches home at last;
Safe, safe, thy song shall be,
O my soul, praise God thy Giver. [Refrain]