Flowers Are Blooming Birds Are Singing

Flow’rs are blooming, birds are singing, in the sunny June,
Ferns and grasses springing upward, “forward” is the tune;
Leaves and blossoms ev’ry morning sweeter charms display,
Let us, too, be marching onward, on the Children’s Day.

Marching onward, happy beams are shining,
Marching onward, wreaths of praise entwining;
Marching onward, heav’nward steps inclining,
Marching onward, ’tis the Children’s Day.

Marching onward, in the sunshine of our Father’s love,
Let our praises glad and grateful, fully raise above;
In the pathway of his kingdom, let us follow still,
To the bidding of his Spirit, yielding heart and will. [Refrain]

Marching onward, joyful servants of the heav’nly King,
Helping others as we journey, let our carols ring;
Lift his banner, keep it waving, singing of his grace,
Till we reach the land of beauty, where we’ll see his face. [Refrain]