Fly To The Refuge In Jesus Provided

Fly to the refuge in Jesus provided,
Haste for thy life; the avenger is near;
Though thou hast often thy Saviour derided,
Yet in His mercy thy cry He will hear.

Then fly to the refuge,
No longer delay;
Escape for thy life,
Escape while you may.

Haste, for the morning is rapidly flying;
Haste, for the noontide is passing away;
Haste, for the shadows of evening are lying
Thick on thy pathway; ah! fly while you may. [Refrain]

Dark is the storm of the’avenger’s fierce anger,
Fearful thy doom if it falls on thy head;
Fly to the Saviour, oh, tarry no longer;
Hide thee in Jesus whose blood has been shed. [Refrain]