Follow The Master Whereer He May Lead Yo

Follow the Master where’er He may lead,
He will provide you with all that you need;
Never turn backward, but face ev’ry foe,
Fill’d with Christ’s spirit wherever you go.

Follow, follow where He leads you,
Onward, onward at the Lord’s commanding word,
Follow, follow where He leads you,
Trusting in the Master
Fearing no disaster, He will lead to victory.

Though He may lead you thro’ sorrow’s dark night,
Or in the path that is happy and bright;
Thro’ the still waters in valleys of peace,
Strong is His love and will never decrease. [Refrain]

Follow the Master with spirit aglow,
Tell the sweet story wherever you go;
Be ne’er discouraged, press cheerfully on,
Look ever to Jesus till victory’s won. [Refrain]