Follow The Standard Christian Never Be

Follow the standard, Christian, never be dismayed!
Strong in the faith, go forward and be not afraid!
On to the field
On to the field,
Ever in faith and hop be firm and brave.
Enemies shrewd and subtile, powerful and strong,
Lying entrenched are watching as you march along!
Vigilant be
Faithful is he
He is a shield, mighty in pow’r, able to keep, and strong to save!

Forward, then! The battle is the Lord’s!
Strength and courage daily he affords.
Souls are pleading-are interceding,
Oh, hasten on the glorious day!
Go with pray’r, and make his cause your own,
Satan’s kingdom must be overthrown!
Sin defying, with banner flying,
March on to victory, away!

Clad by the King are ye, in the armor of his might;
Shod in his strength, all perfect, ready for the fight.
On to the field,
On to the field,
And to the Captain, staunch and loyal be;
Never despair, tho’ fierce the stubborn foe may be;
Ever to save the King rides in the midst of thee,
Only believe,
Trust and receive!
Follow his voice, cling to his hand, walk in the light he sheds for thee. [Refrain]