Follow Thou Me Says A Gentle Voice

Follow thou me, says a gentle voice,
Be my commands your highest choice;
Follow my footsteps, they will guide
To the home where I abide.

It is I saying,
Follow thou me,
Follow thou me,
Follow thou me;
No more delaying,
Straight way obeying,
Follow thou me!

Follow thou me is the Master’s word,
Hast thou the gentle message heard?
Lo, he now waits to hear thee say,
If thou wilt his words obey,- [Refrain]

Follow thou me and take up thy cross,
And for his sake count all things loss;
Follow him now! why shouldst thou stray
From thy God another day? [Refrain]

Follow thou me; if for good or ill,
Choose thou the blessed Master’s will;
Close in his footsteps fearless tread,
Blest the soul by Jesus led. [Refrain]

Follow thou me! though obscure the way,
Upward it leads to endless day;
He who with Christ the cross will bear
Shall his crown in glory share. [Refrain]

Follow thou me: then shalt thou be
From ev’ry sin and stain made free;
Till thou shalt reach the home above,
Dwell with him in perfect love. [Refrain]