Fools In Their Heart Say Theres No God A

Fools in their heart say, there’s no GOD;
and so corrupt they grow:
Abominable sins commit,
and nothing good they do.
GOD from the heav’ns hath looked down
the sons of men to see,
If any that does understand,
That seeks to GOD there be.

They altogether filthy are,
they all are backward gone;
There is not any that does good
no not so much as one.
The workers of iniquity
do they not know at all?
That they my people east as bread,
on God they never call.

There they shall fear where no fear is:
For GOD will scatter them
Who thee beset: them He disdains,
and thou shalt put to shame.
O when will He salvation give
to his poor Israel,
From out his own Zion, where
He graciously does dwell?

When GOD his people shall return,
who have been captive led,;
Then Jacob will be mov’d with joy
And Isr’el greatly glad.