Fools In Their Heart Say Theres No God T

Fools, in their heart, say there’s no God;
They so corrupt and base are grown;
They scatter loathsome sin abroad;
Among them that doth good, there’s none.
The Lord looked down from heaven above,
On sons of men, with strict survey,
To see if reason they approve,
And seek the Lord, in his right way.

But lo! they all were gone from God,
They wholly filthy were, and base;
Not one the paths of virtue trod,
Of all that vile degenerate race.
Are then those fools so blindly led?
Do they so far from reason stray?
That they my people eat as bread,
And unto God no homage pay?

When God dispersed and broke their strength,
That fearless crew were then surprised
With horrid fears; and shamed at length;
For God their boasted force despised.
Who’ll Israel help, from Zion send?
When God shall back his captives bring,
Then Jacob’s voice, in shouts, ascend,
Glad Israel, loud, thy praise, shall sing.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,