Forever Blessed Be The Lord My Rock

Forever blessed be the Lord,
My Rock; who doth instruct me right,
To guide the war; and strength affords
My hands, when I engage in fight.
My goodness he, safeguard, and tower,
My great deliverer, and my shield,
In whom I trust; who, to my power,
Makes tribes submit, and nations yield.

Lord! what is man! or his frail race!
That thy concern thou him hast made!
Man is but vanity, his days
Fly swiftly, as a passing shade.
Lord bow thine heavens, and come down,
But touch the mountains, smoke shall rise.
Cast lightnings, rout, and them confound
With pointed arrows from the skies.

From heaven, send forth thy mighty hand,
Rescue, and save me, from the power
Of aliens; who like waters stand,
Wide gaping, ready to devour.
Whose mouths, with their vain boasts, abound,
And utter speeches full of lies;
Their right hand’s plighted faith is sound,
But broken leagues, and perjuries.

Second Part

New songs to thee, O God, I’ll sing;
My voice, and psaltery, agree.
The ten stringed instrument I’ll bring,
And join in hymns of praise to thee.
God, with salvation, kings befriends,
And victory to their arms affords;
His servant David, he defends,
From the keen edge of hurtful swords.

Still save from sons of foreign land,
Whose mouths speak vanity, and lies;
The plighted faith of whose right hand,
Is naught but fraud, and perjuries.
Then shall the fruits of peace abound;
Our sons, like thriving plants shall grow;
As polished pillars courts surround,
Our blooming daughters beauteous show.

Our magazines be filled with store,
Of every kind of pleasant grains;
Our numerous flocks increasing more,
In thousands spread the neighboring plains.
Our oxen fat, and strong, shall grow;
And no invading foe be feared.
No marchings out we sadly know,
Nor murmurings in our streets be heard.

O happy are that people, who
Flourish in such a state as this;
Thrice happy people, that can shew,
Their God, the great Jehovah is.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,