Forever Gods Sunlight Is Streaming Above

Forever God’s sunlight is streaming above us
Tho’ clouds intervene and o’ershadow the day,
As dauntless and steady, still onward we’re pressing
With ever a song for each step of the way.

If sunshine we carry
Wherever we tarry
To hearten your comrades o’er life’s weary miles,
And banish all sadness
With greetings of gladness,
The world will give back just the same cheery smiles.

A smile and the clasp of a hand that is ready
To welcome and help a rare benison bring;
A song tun’d to measures of joy is reechoed
By hearts that respond to the carol we sing. [Chorus]

There’s need for a song and a smile as we journey
To spur on the laggards who halt in despair;
A message of courage is ours to deliver;
The sunlight of love with the weak we must share. [Chorus]