Gabriel To Mary Came

Gabriel to Mary came,
She saw him in her chamber;
Mary’s heart stood still with fear,
But gently did he greet her:
‘Thou queen of maidens, hail!’ he said,
‘Thou shalt become a Mother-maid;
Thy Son shall be the Lord of earth and heaven:
He comes to save mankind
That men, their sins forgiven,
The gate of heaven may find.’

‘How can I a mother be
That am a maid unwedded?
How can I a mother be
That am a maid betrothed?’
He answered to her questioning:
‘The Holy Ghost shall do this thing.
Be not afraid, nor let thy heart be careful:
God guards thy purity;
His power shall make thee joyful,
And blessed shalt thou be.’

Unto whom our Lady then
Returned her answer meekly:
‘Here I am, the handmaiden
Of God the Lord almighty;
O messenger of God most high,
Revealer of this mystery,
With all my heart I long to see fulfilment
Of what I hear thee tell:
Behold his handmaid ready
To do his holy will.’

Ah, thou Mother of my Lord,
What peace through thee was given!
Thy dear Child, our Christ adored,
Makes peace in earth and heaven.
Beseech thy Son for us, that he
Would look upon us graciously,
And all our shame and misery relieving,
Would give us grace to come
To comfort out of grieving
And, out of exile, home.