Give Ear Unto God’S Holy Word

Give ear unto God’s Holy Word
And hear His perfect law;
Remember what His hand hath done
And tell His works in awe;
Recount unto thy children’s hearts
The things which thou wast told—
The truth which thou hast heard and known
From generations old.

So shall thy children hope in God
And not forget forget His name,
But follow in the ways of Him
Who ever is the same.

Recount the works of evil men
Who turned their hearts from God;
Recall the judgment of the Lord,
Behold His chast’ning rod;
Reproach the men of fainting heart
Who fled before the fight;
Acclaim within thy house the men
Who fought for truth and right.

Remember God’s almighty hand
To those in deepest need;
His Providential care for those
Who trusted Him indeed.
From rocks there issued healing streams,
The heavens yielded bread—
Make known to all God’s wondrous care
Wheree’er His hand hath led.