Give Him Your Cloudy Day

People in darkness have seen a great light (lift up your hands)
Behold the Savior’s glourious might (rise out from the dead)
We are more than conquerors, a chosen people, His to command
Clothed in righteousnes, cleansed from sin by His wondrous hand

Life up your voice and sing, to Jesus Christ your King
Let the earth and sky show forth His praise
Who sets the captives free, who knows your soul’s deep need
Sing to Him, He is the Lord

People in cages of sorrow and pain (He can set free)
This peace He offers who can explain (His gift to me)
My yoke is easy, my burden light, come and find rest (come and find rest)
Let no heart be troubled, fear no evil, seek Jesus instead

Give Him your cloudy day, He’ll take your blues away
Don’t you carry that weight anymore
No greater joy can be, but Jesus sets you free
Come to Him, He is the Lord

Though we grow weary (He will renew)
You can mount up with wings as an eagle
Nest near His altar (shelter from storm)
Oh my strength, my God, my King

Come to Him, He is the Lord
Come to Him, He is the Lord