Give Me You

I want you to know, really know
How to live for you Lord
The truth in your book is enough (it’s enough, it’s enough)
But what do we find
When our heart is confined
To a rule that our mind’s made up?

Can I see, truly see
In this dark-filled world
Your love that shines light everyday?
When our hearts become blind
Because we close our eyes to your way

Give me you (no other comforts)
No other comforts can fill me like you do
I’m tired of emotion (I’m tired) from shallow devotion
All I’m asking now is give me you (all I want is you)

Sometimes, many times
It’s a lonely road
To raise a Godly family on my own
But I’m praying in time
That my husband will find
The love that you, Lord, have shown

For the storms, they come with no warning
(And you are) Hiding your face from me
In the midst of my fall
Your great love shines through it all

(with stepouts)

All I really need (all I really need) is you (give me you)