Gladly We Will Go

The Lord is our Shepherd, precious Friend and Guide,
We’ll trust Him ever, trust Him ever, walking by His side;
Be this our endeavor faithfully to show,
Where Jesus leads our willing feet beside Him still shall go.

We’ll go, we’ll go, we’ll gladly, gladly go,
Though skies are dark and chilly winds may blow,
The lost to find, or bravely meet the foe,
Wherever Jesus calls us we’ll gladly, gladly go.

Through sunshine or tempest, over land or sea,
Whate’er befalls us, where He calls us, quickly we would be;
The toils that await us though we cannot know,
At His command with heart and hand beside Him we will go.

The Lord is our Keeper, watching ever near,
In Him confiding, firm abiding, wherefore should we fear?
We’ll cling to the promise left us here below,
And wheresoe’er He leadeth us beside Him we will go.