Glory To Jesus

Jesus has loved me—wonderful Savior!
Jesus has loved me, I cannot tell why;
Came He to rescue sinners all worthless,
My heart He conquered—for Him I would die.

Glory to Jesus—wonderful Savior!
Glory to Jesus, the One I adore;
Glory to Jesus—wonderful Savior!
Glory to Jesus and praise evermore.

Jesus has saved me—wonderful Savior!
Jesus has saved me, I cannot tell how;
All that I know is, He was my Ransom,
Dying on Calv’ry with thorns on His brow.

Jesus will lead me—wonderful Savior!
Jesus will lead me, I cannot tell where;
But I will follow, thro’ joy or sorrow,
Sunshine or tempest, sweet peace or despair.

Jesus will crown me—wonderful Savior!
Jesus will crown me, I cannot tell when;
White throne of splendor hail I with gladness,
Crowned ‘mid the plaudits of angels and men.